LUKOIL Mid-East Limited will support local community amid any crisis | 352 (July-August 2020)

Igor Avchiyan,

Head of PR&RA of LMEL

2020-07-05 09:24 Views 159

Since the first days of West Qurna-2 project’s development, LUKOIL has paid great attention to provision of assistance to the local community. Social welfare projects are being implemented in cooperation with Basra Oil Company (BOC), local administration and with the support of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

LUKOIL is funding various social programs within its own non-reimbursable budget. Every year LUKOIL implements seven charity projects in Izeddine Salim and Madeina districts aimed at support of education, sport, healthcare, development of science and culture in the region.

The Company’s charity program includes such projects as funding of internationalacademic and historical conferences; supply and refitting of water treatment and water retaining facilities; supply of water chlorination and purification units; sponsorship of the annual Company’s football cup; supply of electronic equipment to primary schools; supply of drinking water to schools and health centers throughout the year; supply of equipment to medical institutions etc.

Amid the spread of the coronavirus infection all over the world the Company is actively supporting regional healthcare institutions and, since March 2020, it has sent a lot of medical equipment and consumables, laboratory equipment and reagents, disinfectants and personal protection equipment to the medical centers and hospitals in Izeddine Salim, Madeina and Qurna. Currently, another charity project, focused on the supply of necessary medical products to the local health care facilities is under way. It is implemented by request of the district’s Department of Health.

Pursuant to the directive of Iraqi Ministry of Oil and in coordination with the administration of Basra Governor and BOC, LUKOIL is also implementing social welfare projects on the basis of reimbursable expenses. A number of infrastructure projects aimed to improve living conditions of local population have been already implemented.

Efficient interaction with the local authorities, building good-neighbourly relations with the residents living around the contract territory are important factors of successful realisation of the West Qurna-2 project. Therefore, LUKOIL will continue to rigorously implement its social and charity program for the benefit of the local population, regardless of the current situation in the country and in the world.

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