Everyone will eventually have his/her own “Marathon” and it’s still ahead! | 352 (January-February 2021)

More and more often, we meet “strange” people on the street, running in the morning or evening along the racetrack, promenade, park or simply road. Only few of them look like professional athletes. Most are ordinary people, diverse in their body shape or height… Who are they?! Why are they doing that?

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Alexander Pavluchenko

Each has its own reason and its own path. Someone’s health is letting down, but someone’s more than enough, and the next world championship is ahead. Someone challenges themselves or others, and someone follows a trend for a healthy life style. However, something unites them all. It is a “club”, membership in which is acquired for life. When you meet a "teammate" on a run, you raise your hand in greeting ... and MAGIC happens. And after a run - an indescribable feeling… Having experienced it once, you will never forget ... Euphoria? Biochemistry?

This year LUKOIL organized a corporate tournament for employees dedicated to the company's 30th anniversary. Having learned about this, the employees of the Iraqi project “West Qurna-2” joined LUKOIL RUNNING CLUB and took part in the marathon “30 years in motion”. And it turned their lives upside down!

Facts and Figures: The "WQ2 Distance Matter" team took part in the corporate Challenge - a marathon "30 years in motion". Stage 2: St. Petersburg - Moscow, February 11 - March 10. Goal: Run 634 km. Tatiana Savelyeva, Andrey Udavikhin, Mikhail Sobolev, Timur Fayzullin and Alexander Pavluchenko finished the 2nd stage ahead of schedule on February 17, 2020 with a score of 694 km in just 6 days, among the recognized sports leaders of LUKOIL.

Earlier, before the pandemic, we were running in the Accommodation camp one by one to meet at the breakfast and ask one another “which distance you have ran today?” or “does it still heart?”. Now we have become the “WQ2 Distance Matter” team! Every morning, going for a run in different countries, we were no longer just engineers, financiers, managers, drillers, we were teammates! And then it began ... We ran ...

Everyone did everything he/she could, and in six days, we managed to achieve a result that should have taken a month! It was a real sporting feat! We weren't able to win the grand prize, but we definitely beat ourselves!

Here is what the participants of the marathon said in response to the question "What does running mean to you and why did you need this marathon?"

Andrey Udavikhin:

The ancient Greeks said: "If you want to be healthy, run, if you want to be beautiful, run, if you want to be smart, run." Running is a test of the whole body for performance. Running for pleasure is also about recovery and strengthening. During a long run, I really like listening to audiobooks, and this is already pumping not only the body, but also the mind. Movement is life, movement in running, healthy life!

Mikhail Sobolev:

Running is not only minutes and hours that we spend on maintaining physical health, but also time for freeing our minds from a gigantic stream of incoming information. Time to enjoy life. You are running forward, where something new and not yet known awaits you, you have new tasks, new plans and expectations. Running is a movement to new horizons, new frontiers. You feel like an integral part of LUKOIL Group, whose main motto is “Always moving forward!”

Timur Fayzullin:

Running for me is an opportunity to be alone with myself, to wrap my mind around some problem, to focus on the important task, to get answers. Running helps me structure my thoughts and find solutions. It is always a small victory over yourself, and also an opportunity to relax and calm down.

Tatiana Savelyeva:

“We entered the challenge on the second stage. Therefore, the strategy was developed on the run. We were really lucky with the team. All teammates are real fans of running, it’s an important part of their life, they do it not only to stay fit. Together they ran up to 150 km a day. It was not easy, but no one felt sorry for themselves. This is the only reason our team became one of the winners with the 3rd place, just behind Krasnodar team”.

Alexander Pavluchenko:

For me, running is a kind of body care, such as brushing the teeth or washing the face. Tidy up the brain. Be alone with yourself and think about what you need. And also music, you can listen to it for at least an hour. It is true that “everything comes and goes, and only music stays with you forever!”


There are many things in life, that look unachievable. But everyone can do more than he/she thinks. Everyone can have his/her own “Marathon” and it is for sure still ahead! Yes, we may never run a marathon faster than two hours, some of us will never run out of three, but this is not so important! The main thing is that we will be able to cover thousands and thousands of kilometers together. Good luck, colleagues! Set impossible goals and you will change the world for the better!

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