Asker LUKOIL Cup lights new stars | 344 (November-December 2018)

On 1-3 February 2019, annual international Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship was held not far from Oslo at the leading Norwegian club for rhythmic gymnastics Asker. The event was named Asker LUKOIL Cup in honor of the main sponsor.

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Photo: Rebecca Regalo (1 place, Finland), Elizaveta Iampolskaia (2 place, Moldova), Josephine Moeller (3 place, Norway) and representatives of the LUKOIL company.

Sports Club Asker was founded in 1926 and includes various sports sections for both children and adults. The rhythmic gymnastics section is considered to be the best in Norway. Young athletes successfully compete both at home and abroad. Sports Club Asker has organized several Norwegian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships. Young gymnasts won Junior Team Championships 24 times and Senior Team Championships 20 times. Asker Club gymnasts also participated in seven European Championships.

The event was very well organized. Competitions lasted three days and consisted of the following stages: on the first day – demonstrative performances, on the second day – contests between the major teams, and on the last day – final performances. The whole event was webcasted live in order to reach an international audience.

The gymnasts from ten countries were competing for the championship. Young athletes demonstrated advanced physical skills, amazing gracefulness and incredible talent for their age. The competitors were assessed by a professional jury, including Martha Pagnini, former coach for the Italian national gymnastics team and multiple gold and silver medalist of international competitions.

As the main sponsor of the event, LUKOIL awarded prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places among the seniors. LUKOIL representatives honored the professional athletes in a solemn atmosphere.

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