A Productive Dialogue | 343 (September-October 2018)

Interactive training courses for in-house information management systems: LUKOIL Uzbekistan experience.

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LUKOIL international upstream projects rely on two major information management systems: IPMS based on SAP (logistics, finances and legal support) and ESDO (documentation). Both systems evolve and develop in conjunction with the company’s own expansion.

ESDO – integrated document management system, providing effective support for Company’s business activities

As all new employees must be able to utilize ESDO, LUKOIL Uzbekistan undertook a creative approach to implementing an effective training system for its employees back in 2013. Back then, the company’s IT & Communications Department held the first of what was to become a series of interactive training courses designed to give employees practical experience and know-how in using ESDO.

The interactive trainings are held once a year on average on a specific topic decided by employees. The seminar is then designed by the relevant company department together with LUKOIL Uzbekistan’s IT Department staff. The last seminar, held in July 2018, focused on “ESDO: Approving Documents and Technical Support.” This seminar was prepared by IT specialists (Oksana Lee) and Document Control specialists (Inna Kadirova, Yulia Agisheva). Participants learned how to get approvals, find and view documents, create reports, complete assign and complete tasks.

Most of the information was presented visually, which was then followed-up by actually working in the ESDO system. Organizers had the chance to answer questions by demonstrating the solutions interactively.

The seminars are organized in-house and give motivated employees the chance to organize their efforts toward solving problems together. They also offer participants the chance to apply what they’ve learned immediately in their work.

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