Looking to E-Future | 340 (November 2017)

LUKOIL teams up with the Basra Education Directorate to bring digital learning to local schools.

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the Basra digital learning to local schools

LUKOIL teams up with the Basra Education Directorate to bring digital learning to local schools.

Hasan Maan, Basra, Iraq

In October 2017, LUKOIL Mid East implemented a new charity project in Iraq’s Basra province: the company equipped 51 classrooms in the Eiz Eldeen Saleem primary schools with LED screens, laptops and other accessories that allow the schools to take advantage of e-learning.

The initiative of shifting to e-learning came from the Basra Education Directorate. The program foresees all primary school subjects (science, math, English, Arabic and Islamic education) being taught with the help of LED screens. It allows teachers to save time and deliver information in a more effective and fun way.

Currently the program is being implemented only in the first grade, but it will later be extended up to grade four. Thanks to LUKOIL’s support, students and teachers of 31 Eiz Eldeen Saleem schools are among the first beneficiaries of this initiative.

“I love the pictures on the screen,” remarked Hasan Shaheed, a student of the Al Rawad primary school in the village of Um Shewage.“It’s like watching cartoons at home. It makes the class fun!”

Basra’s Directorate of Education has already installed e-learning programs to the laptops and provided training courses for teachers supervising e-learning classes.

“We are very happy to introduce this new teaching method in our schools,” said Ehab Deya Al Hejaj, headmaster of the Kalaat Al Ahwar primary school. “It will help both teachers and students to attain their goals. We thank LUKOIL and appreciate this initiative; hopefully it will be extended to cover higher grades [in the future].”

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