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LUKOIL International Upstream West Sponsors Local Youth Football Team

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LUKOIL International Upstream West Sponsors Local Youth Football Team.

Daniel Hogan, Houston

LUKOIL International Upstream West Sponsors Local Football Team

Recently I was asked to review the LIUW sponsorship program for the remaining year 2017. Noticing that much of our Company donations went to large organizations, I decided to attempt to push a small amount of our sponsorship dollars to the local youth football teams. For those of you not familiar with football in Texas, it is an extremely popular sport attended by parents, other family and friends alike in the spirit of friendly competition. Well, truth be told, mostly friendly! For a minor donation, the LUKOIL logo was proudly displayed on the back of the player’s pants and on the helmets. This donation also paid for part of the uniforms, field dues and other minor items.

The usual attendance at a game is approximately 300 people. Not an extremely large audience, but multiply this number by 10 games and we do get a bit of exposure. I often had parents come and ask me “who is Lukoil and what do you do?” Recently a mother of one of the players came to me and asked “would LUKOIL be interested in reviewing our properties that are for sale?” As it turns out, she was the Divestment Manager for BHP and responsible for the sale of the onshore assets of the giant mining company. You just never know what a logo on the back of a football uniform will do!

Daniel Hogan, LIUW General Manager

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