“Gorod khlebniy” wins the grand prix | 337 (July 2017)

The team of young employees of LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company under the name of “Gorod Khlebniy” (“The City of Grain”) successfully performed at the “KVN Cup” humor contest held among the oil and gas producing entities of LUKOIL Group and bore away the highest award

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“Gorod khlebniy” wins the grand prix

Rano Azizova

The “KVN Cup” or the “Club of Cheerful Oilmen Cup” among young specialists and workers of the oil and gas producing entities of LUKOIL Group was organized by JSC RITEK, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The event was held in the village of Kurumoch, Volzhsky District of the Samara Oblast.

Andrei Blagodarov, the head of LUKOIL’s Social Policy Department:

“On the whole, it should be noted that LUKOIL gives a chance to everyone who wants to move forward, whether it be success in professional activity, in sports or creativity”

All the participating teams, there were seven of them, represented LUKOIL's oil and gas producing entities.

The topic of the game “For oil, for water, for our nature” was in sync with the declared Year of Ecology in Russia. Although the conceptual message was very serious and narrowed the scope of witticisms, the guys managed to cover this topic cheerfully, wittily, and ingeniously. In the performances of the teams, a wide technical arsenal was used. Videos and photo collages were abundant, but of course, the main tool was their art of acting and originality.

“I always adhered to one simple truth, which is if a hobby or an interest interferes with your work, you’d better quit your job,” said jury member, director, art director of a school of dramatic art Mikhail Neishtadt. “But today's game showed that you do not need to do this. You perfectly combine one with another; you are inspired at the production and joke on stage.”

A team from Uzbekistan participated in LUKOIL’s “KVN Cup” for the first time in its history. The guys had to compete with young specialists and employees from subsidiaries of PJSC LUKOIL in Western Siberia, the Republic of Komi, Kaliningrad, Perm, Astrakhan, as well as from JSC RITEK.

The successful performance of “Gorod Khlebniy” was preceded by intensive preparation, including both rehearsals, the preparation of music and video, and the selection of costumes for creative scenes.

Decidedly, the efforts have not been wasted, as the team from Uzbekistan justifiably gained everybody’s affection.

As a result, by the unanimous decision of the jury and under the thunderous ovations of the audience and fans, the team “Gorod Khlebniy” won the Grand Prix of the “KVN Cup” and, thanks to the excellent vocal of Anastasia Sorokina, was awarded the Best Song and the Best Actress awards.

At the end of the festival, the happy champions and prize-winners made no disguise of their cheer and shared their emotions: “The Grand Prix for us is a very pleasant and unexpected victory,” says Maxim Kutyrev, a member of “Gorod Khlebniy”. “Here in LUKOIL we develop those skills, which help us set goals correctly and successfully achieve them in our life.”

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