From the Caspian to the Middle East | 335 (May 2017)

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A delegation from Iraq’s South Oil Company visited LUKOIL’s projects in the Caspian Sea

A delegation from Iraq’s South Oil Company visited LUKOIL’s projects in the Caspian Sea last month to study the latest technologies being applied in hydrocarbon exploration and production and personnel training

Alina Nekrasova

Their visit began with a trip to the company’s dispatch center, which allows personnel to monitor the situation at various LUKOIL production sites in the Caspian Sea area. The guests were particularly interested in the specifics of oil production in the North Caspian Sea, the production sites’ technical characteristics and the tax and customs preferences that LUKOIL utilizes. The entire process of preparing a production site was demonstrated in 3D on a large screen.

Their next stopping point was LUKOIL’s corporate training center, which is currently the only such institution in Russia offering courses for work at offshore production facilities at an international level. The center utilizes the latest hi-tech, innovative training facilities.

A delegation from Iraq’s South Oil Company visited LUKOIL’s projects in the Caspian Sea

But the Iraqi guests were not restricted to classrooms and modules alone: they got to see production in the North Caspian with their own eyes during a trip to the offshore platform at the Yuri Korchagin field. “We noted the environmental standards that are applied here,” said Taufik Tauman, Senior Engineer at Iraq’s South Oil Company. “LUKOIL utilizes a “zero emission” approach, meaning that all waste material is transported to shore and utilized there. This is a very unique oilfield that is being developed at an international level. We got to meet highly qualified specialists who shared their experiences implementing these standards. It’s a big honor for us that a company like LUKOIL is working in Iraq.”

“Our colleagues asked many different quest ions about every thing from hydrodynamic modeling to the specific equipment being utilized at the Yuri Korchagin field. We were happy to share our experiences and learn about the technology they use at their production sites,” said Deputy General Director for Production Andrey Skobeev of LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft (a local subsidiary). All participants received a certificate for going on the trip as both sides wished each other the best in future cooperation.

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