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Yulia Polovodova is a deputy general counsel of LUKOIL International Upstream West Inc. in Houston. Yulia was born in Perm. She graduated from the Perm State University in Philology and Jurisprudence. Yulia has 20 years experience with LUKOIL. During her career, she used to work in Perm, Moscow, Astana, Dubai and Houston. Speaks fluent English and French.

In LUKOIL, women work worldwide. Sometimes they dedicate their professional efforts to one LUKOIL organization, which often becomes the “one and only” for them: a second home, a place and people to care about with the same degree of attention and responsibility as a family. Sometimes women travel for work internationally, resolving a difficult equation involving adaptation to new culture and work environment; job duties; family interests and their own professional and personal goals.


Wherever they work, and whatever they do, the women of our company are incredibly viable and trustworthy people. Professional and knowledgeable colleagues, genuinely interested in their work, capable to dedicate a sustainable effort to the goal achieving. When I am picking these beautiful words, I am thinking of specific women I had a pleasure and honor to work with in during my career in LUKOIL. I want to say thank you to all of them for many years of joint work, support and friendship.

My congratulations to all women working in LUKOIL, and happy celebrations of International Woman’s Day in any part of the world!


Head of Compensation and Organizational Development at LUKOIL Uzbekistan. She graduated from Tyumen State Oil & Gas University in Siberia and has worked at LUKOIL for over 22 years in Kogalym (Western Siberia), Moscow and Tashkent, Uzbekistan. She enjoys traveling and getting to know different cultures.

It’s highly symbolic that the main women’s holiday usually comes with the first signs of spring! For women, just like spring, are beautiful, tender, and a tad fragile, and that’s why they need a man’s true love and affection. March 8 unites all women, regardless of age and profession, into a single whole. Dear ladies, dear colleagues, allow me to wish you love and understanding in the family, recognition and success at work, strong health for you and your loved ones and, finally, warmth and kindness in your hearts.


manager for commissioning operations at West Qurna-2 in southern Iraq. Graduated from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. She has been working in the oil sector for 17 years with experience in Syria, Algeria, Angola, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago and Iraq.

The week days of any working woman are tough, not to mention one on a rotational shift. Meetings, negotiations, contracts, overseeing and monitoring contractors’ work, official business correspondence, documents…basically, always moving forward, which, I guess, corresponds with our company’s slogan.

And what I wouldn’t give to spend just one day – March 8! – just being a woman. Dear ladies, I wish you a happy International Women’s Day from the bottom of my heart! I wish that you can always be charming, attractive, mysterious, deeply desirous and somebody’s special favorite regardless of the day of the year. Most importantly, I wish that you always have worthy men on whom you can rely throughout your life. Our men make the shifts in the field special; they provide us with self-confidence and a sense of security.


Remembering the first International Women’s Day I spent at LUKOIL in Iraq still brings a smile to my face: there were surprise gifts, a cake, congratulations from the management, poems, cards and, of course, flowers. Can you image getting living flowers in the desserts of Southern Iraq? It was an unforgettable celebration.

On this special day, I wish you warmth, smiles, a great attitude, clear skies and highly memorable festivities!

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