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Thanks to their membership in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, LUKOIL Uzbekistan’s employees have access to the largest source of technical information on oil exploration and production in the world.

Anastasia Sorokina, Сhief Specialist of LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company, Administrative Secretary of Tashkent SPE section

Experts today often refer to a “knowledge economy,” thereby assuming that knowledge and human capital, and not the traditional means of production, are the key factors determining one’s level of competitiveness. The world’s scientific community is playing an ever increasing role in preserving, expanding and distributing the world’s stockpile of knowledge. In the world of oil & gas, the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) offers a great example of such cooperation.

The organization’s mission is to collect and distribute information about technologies used for finding and developing oil and gas reservoirs. The SPE regularly organizes conferences and seminars that involve the world’s top specialists and maintains a unique library accessible to its members, as well as its Journal of Petroleum Technology.

Altogether this constitutes a huge reservoir of information that can aid the professional development of both specialists and the companies that employ them.

LUKOIL Uzbekistan Operating Company (LUOC) understands this very well. That’s why in 2014 with the strong support of LUOC’s Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer Denis Rozhentsev an SPE section was launched in Tashkent. Today the Tashkent section unites more than 200 people. Its members include representatives of top energy and service companies, local institutes and the country’s best universities.

These efforts did not go unnoticed. In 2016 the Tashkent team was recognized as the best new SPE section in the world. The group proudly received its award at the SPE conference in Dubai from the hands of SPE 2016 President Nathan Meehan of Baker Hughes.

Additionally SPE Tashkent Program Coordinator Ignaty Volnov received a regional award for SPE development. In 2017, several Tashkent members have again been nominated for international SPE awards (to be announced in June 2017).

The benefit to LUKOIL Uzbekistan in its member SPE membership is obvious. It gets access to cutting-edge materials about oil production worldwide. LUKOIL Uzbekistan used SPE materials to implement modern methods of risk and uncertainty analysis as well as integrated modeling.

Today these methods are being employed at the massive Kandym-Khauzak-Shady and Southwest Gissar fields. LUOC experts are taking part in the LIFE-Field project that seeks to create a single database of integrated oilfield modelling throughout all of LUKOIL.

And thanks to its work with SPE, LUKOIL is seen in Uzbekistan as a source of cutting-edge technologies and a sort-of window on the world of modern technology in oil & gas. The company’s international profile also grows as its specialists participate in key industry events.

The SPE’s student section serves as a key pool of talent for LUOC. Without a doubt, the company’s experience in Uzbekistan is useful to everyone else at LUKOIL involved in exploration and development.

 A window on the world of tech


  • The opportunity to invite the world’s leading experts to the regional conferences
  • Subscription to the Journal of Petroleum Technology
  • Access to OnePetro online library
  • The chance to participate in professional conferences and seminars
  • Publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals
  • The chance for professional recognition through awards and certifications.


Chairman of the Tashkent SPE section

"During past two years the organization has held 30 various sessions in Uzbekistan attended by specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Norway, the UK, France, the US and other countries. The Uzbek branch of Russia’s world-renowned Gubkin Institute of Oil & Gas functions as the local students’ section, offering members the chance to not only attend lectures but also present the results of their own research at the SPE’s conferences and seminars. The section launched its own website, a sort of virtual office where each visitor can find out about the SPE’s goals, membership and upcoming events”.


Assets Interface Manager at LUKOIL International Secondment (Dubai).

“Access to the giant data base of technical information that is store d in the S PE library helps us to make right decisions when the best way of exploring or developing a field is uncertain. If we have two different opinions, both backed by valid arguments, it’s not easy to choose the right one. The best way to act in this situation is to examine the best practices that have already bee n implemented by other companies”.

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